Wymondham Rifle Club

Established 1910

We shoot a number of disciplines. Prospective members should be aware that we actively participate & support the postal competitions administered by the Norfolk County Rifle Association and that all members are encouraged to participate in competitions.
Competitions run over a number of months and this means you would only have to shoot once a month to be able to take part in the competitions.

We use a variety of rifles, from historic Martini action to ultra modern sporting guns with telescopic sights and anything in between, but all are .22 rim fire.

New members will start with an iron sighted single shot rifle. To start, the only essential equipment is hearing protection, which must be worn whilst shooting and observing. Eye protection is also recommended.
As you advance a sling will become necessary. Gloves, jackets and caps will all help, but are not essential. (optional extras).
The targets (called cards) that we use are of two designs:

The 10 target card (below) is used with a single shot iron sighted rifle and requires one shot into each of the 10 targets.

The single target card (above) is used with any rifle, with any sights, and requires 10 shots into 1 target.

All our competitive target shooting normally takes place in a ventilated indoor range at 25 metres, but we occasionally shoot outdoors at 50 & 100 yards.
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