Wymondham Rifle Club

Established 1910

Our History
We are not sure exactly when Wymondham Rifle Club was formed, but we do know that it became affiliated to the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs in 1910.

The Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs changed its name to The National Small-Bore Rifle Association in 1947 and Wymondham Rifle club has been affiliation to the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs then National Small-Bore Rifle Association uninterrupted to the present day, 100 years.

The club traditionally used the Strayground pits plus has also shot at Browick and Keswick, more recently it has used indoor ranges in Norwich and Wymondham.

This picture is one of the earliest from our archives. We believe it was taken at one of the pit shooting ranges mentioned above. A larger version of the photo can be seen by clicking the photo.
We hope the photo may nudge some memories. Please get in touch if you can put names to the faces.

Also from our archives we have a picture which shows a team from Wymondham Rifle Club outside the Houses of Parliament taken when they shot against TWe hope the photo may nudge some memories. Please get in touch if you can put names to the faces.he Palace of Westminster Rifle Club. The range was deep below the 'seat of Government'.

In 2010 we celebrated the 100 years of affiliation to the national bodies with an centenary shoot and re-union.

Currently the club takes part in postal competitions where individuals and teams compete against each other but from their home ranges. The rifles used are all .22 rimfire but range from historic pieces to modern devices with electronic triggers.

Over the years the club has had changing fortunes but has maintained a small but loyal membership. We are always pleased to hear from any ex members or their friends and families. We would like to be able to add to our archives with some anecdotes, pictures and mementos that will help us to maintain our history for the future.
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